Best Houseboats in Alleppey Kerala

10 Best Houseboats in Alleppey Kerala

Seldom does a tourist visiting Kerala choose a package that does not include a day in a houseboat in Alleppey. If you are looking forward to doing the same, then narrowing down the best Houseboats from the hundreds available out there can be a daunting task.

Now the big question is how to set a yardstick to figure out the best ones possible. However, to make things easier for our readers, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best houseboats in Alleppey to make your holiday a perfect one.

How to Get to Alleppey – Kerala

  • By Air – Cochin Airport is about 75 km away
  • By Train – Alleppey Railway Station is well connected to Trivandrum and Cochin
  • Take the Road – Accessible by National Highway 47.


This is a best-in-class luxury Houseboat by The Oberoi Group that pampers its guests with all the lavishness of a Star Hotel. With just 8 cabins in this Houseboat, personal attention to the needs of the guests is almost guaranteed.

The itinerary of Vrinda is also quite interesting as it lets the Guests interact with the local Fishermen and have a great time enjoying the cultural performances like Kathakali and classical music.

Vrinda Houseboat Kerala
Vrinda Houseboat Kerala
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 1,00,000 onwards per cabin.

Saffron Houseboat

This is one of the most popular luxury cruises, lauded by even Mr. Abdul Al-Ghurair, whose group owns the Mashreq Bank and has built the well-known Burj Khalifa.

If that does not demonstrate the plush interiors of this ship, then nothing else would. This is a great option for those who treasure privacy because this houseboat has only one bedroom. However, there is no lack of personal attention to the needs of the Guests due to the services extended by its 3-Member Crew.

Saffron Houseboat Kerala
Saffron Houseboat Kerala
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 37,000 onwards per cabin.

Rainbow Cruises

Rainbow Cruise is yet another mind-blowing houseboat in Alleppey that takes you across the serene waters, in style and comfort. The interior of this houseboat is made from eco-friendly materials. Now that makes it a great option for tree-huggers.

The open lounge of this houseboat is a great place to chill out. So you get all the lavishness required to make your vacation memorable but at fairly reasonable prices.

Rainbow Cruises Houseboat in Kerala
Rainbow Cruises Houseboat in Kerala
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 15,000 onwards per cabin.

Meridian Houseboat

If luxury seems too far to get your hands on, Meridian is a very reasonable option to explore. Although, speaking of comfort, this Houseboat lacks nothing; there is very little that you require while sailing on the brackish backwaters out here.

A few amenities that one can expect in this houseboat in Alleppey include a conference room, comfortable rooms, sun decks, and lobbies. Also, this houseboat has a pantry and a crew to provide the necessary assistance to guests.

Meridian Houseboat in Kerala
Meridian Houseboat in Kerala
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 5,600 onwards per cabin.

Aqua Jumbo Houseboat

This is yet another competitively priced 3-star boat with all the regular basic amenities for a comfortable overnight sailing experience. One thing to know is that the rates of the 3 Star boats fluctuate depending on whether or not meals are included.

This one, however, includes meals but it is recommended that you confirm the menu beforehand.

Aqua Jumbo Houseboat in Kerala
Aqua Jumbo Houseboat in Kerala
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 15,000 onwards.

KTDCS Houseboats

If you fancy walking across the paddy fields, sipping some local toddy and cracking jokes with the local fishermen, only to return to your Air-Conditioned cabin for some rest, then try picking the day-time Houseboat tour on Indraprastham.

For some peaceful time under the stars, you could pick the overnight tour in this Houseboat, or simply pick one that’s a combination of the two. This houseboat in Alleppey comes with reasonable pricing and commendable amenities.

KTDCS Houseboats in Kerala
KTDCS Houseboats in Kerala


This is a decent option for those on a tight budget and has comparatively smaller rooms. Also, one cannot expect top-in-class amenities, since this is a budget option. The food served in this houseboat in Alleppey is considered to be par excellence.

However, this boat despite being a budget option is air-conditioned and has television, refrigerator, and all other basic essentials.

Indraprastham Houseboat in Kerala
Indraprastham Houseboat in Kerala
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 7,200 onwards.

Nova Houseboat

A great encounter with the calm and quiet backwaters of Kerala is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, more so, on this premium houseboat in Alleppey.

This gets even better because the Guests are offered a customizable menu as per their personal preferences. So if you wish to relish some Parathas on the Deck, then you can have just that.

Nova Houseboat in Kerala
Nova Houseboat in Kerala
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 11,000 onwards.

Kerala Houseboat

Just as you choose in a hotel, you could choose a cabin in the Kerala Houseboat with different price ranges. The amenities offered by each of these cabins are on par with its price. This is definitely a decent boathouse for the price that they charge.

Also, this is one of the few houseboats in Alleppey that offers longer packages at lower prices. So it’s a great option for weekend travelers, but to avoid any adversities caused due to the fluctuating prices, make your bookings in advance.

Kerala Houseboat
Kerala Houseboat
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 6,500 onwards.

Angel Queen Cruise

For those who plan to travel with a child, the Angel Queen is one of the best-suited options. It lets you add an extra person at a nominal rate. However, confirm this with the service provider to avoid last-minute confusions.

Depending on the size of your group, you can pick a one bedroom, two-bedroom or even a three-bedroom houseboat.

Angel Queen Cruise in Kerala
Angel Queen Cruise in Kerala
  • Price Starts from – Rupees 9,500 onwards.

Irrespective of the houseboat that you choose, you must remember to confirm certain details before booking. First of all, confirm the timings of your stay as it could be an early morning, mid-day or an overnight stay at the houseboats in Alleppey.

Next, you must check whether the package is inclusive of food and even better if you could have the menu confirmed. Finally, ensure the number of rooms or cabins on the houseboat. You can always find one with just a single room to give you all the privacy that you need.

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