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10 Mouth-Watering Street Food Items You Must Try in Mumbai

Mumbai street food has carved a niche for itself with an assortment of delicacies from all over the world. The unique factor about the Mumbai street food is that one can eat the Indo-Chinese Manchurians to the Indo-Italian pizzas at reasonable prices.

Also, Mumbai’s street food is not all about snacks and junk food. In fact, it also includes a complete Maharashtrian meal of Jhunka Bhakr, or the Mumbai Mast Tomato Pulao.

Unlike other metros, the street food in Mumbai is not overpriced and the portions are worth every buck you pay for it. Some of the best Mumbai Street foods that are worth trying are listed below.

Vada Pav

When it comes to Mumbai street food, this is an all-time favorite snack. It includes a fritter stuffed into a bun-like bread called the Pav, served with a deep-fried green chilly.

This fritter is made of boiled and mashed potatoes seasoned with herbs and spices. It is then dipped into a batter and deep-fried. Although delicious and filling, this Mumbai street food is high in carbs and calories. However, that does not bother the Mumbaikars who relish it throughout the day, be it for breakfast or as a tea-time snack.

Mumbai Vada Pav
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Misal Pav

The spongy Pav feels just perfect with misal, which is a spiced-up sprout and bean gravy and is topped with some crunchy sev. The sprouts and beans make it a lip-smacking, protein-rich snack.

This is the best snack to gobble up on your way home, especially when you are too tired to get back and cook.

Mumbai Misal Pav
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Loaded with seasoned peanuts and tangy chutney stuffed into a Pav, this is a finger-licking sweet and tangy delicacy. This street food has arrived all the way from Gujarat and has been well received.

Probably, the fact that it is tasty and filling have made this Mumbai street food so popular.

Mumbai Dabeli
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Maggie Variations

One of the most popular Mumbai street foods among youngsters is Maggie. Now, if you are wondering why you should go out to eat instant noodles, then here’s the surprise.

Certain places in Mumbai like the one around Malad Mindspace are popular for the numerous versions of this instant noodle. Some of its variations include Vegetable Cheese Maggie, Maggie Manchurian, Paneer Vegetable Maggie, and Schezwan Mayonnaise Maggie.

However, this does not come cheap and most of these palatable delicacies cost above Rupees 150 per plate.

Mumbai Maggi
Mumbai Maggi


Yet another popular Mumbai street food is the Pudla that is often served with bread. This is a vegetarian version of the good old egg omelet and is made from gram flour.

You can have it topped with cheese, but they do it only on demand. One of the most popular places to eat this in Mumbai is near Zaveri Bazaar.

Pudla Besan Omelet
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Ragada Patties

This is a delectable evening snack made from roasted potato patties dipped in a healthy gravy called Ragada. The Ragada is made from the very nutritious yellow peas and is then garnished with some sev, onions, and tomatoes.

Although, you can find a Ragada Patties seller anywhere in Mumbai, the best place to devour this flavorsome delicacy would be at the Ghatkopar Khau Galli.

Mumbai Ragada Patties
Image Credit:Abhishek Rao@Wikipedia

Jhunka Bhakar and Tomato Pulao

These are a little different from the rest as these are not the typical junk food but in fact a complete meal by the roadside. The Bhakar is an Indian bread often made from rice, jower or bajra flours and is served with Jhunka, a traditional Maharashtrian side dish made of Bengal gram.

On the other hand, the South-Indian Tomato Mast Pulao is the new rage all over Mumbai and this tangy street food is made from rice and tomatoes.

Jhunka Bhakar
Image Credit: Ketan.WA@Wikipedia

Chicken Bhujing

This dish may sound Chinese but it definitely is Maharashtrian and was invented by the blunder of a cook who was apparently making something else. This succulent dish made from marinated pieces of chicken rolled into some beaten rice and then barbecued, is a popular Mumbai street food.

In fact, on a busy day, it is a scrumptious replacement for lunch. It’s a great alternative to the monotonous kebabs and Indo-Chinese chicken starters and is quite popular in the Vasai-Virar region.

Chicken Bhujing
Chicken Bhujing

Bhel Puri, Dahi Sev Puri, and Pani Puri

Although available throughout Mumbai, these are some of the must-have Mumbai street foods while you are on the choupati. These aren’t as oily as the Vada Pav or Ragada Patties, hence not very high in calories, and a treat to the taste buds.

If you are new to Mumbai, watch out for the extra-spicy Bhel that the vendors serve newbies in order to amuse themselves.

Mumbai Pani Puri
Mumbai Pani Puri

Chinese Bhel

Deep-fried noodles seasoned with tangy and spicy chutneys make it a mouth-watering treat. The crunchy noodles and the onion take it to yet another level. However, watch out for vendors who keep this readily available as they could then be soggy.

Always get the vendor to make one right in front of you in order to get the best out of this crunchy delight.

Chinese Bhel
Chinese Bhel

As shown above, the Mumbai street food predominantly focuses on Maharashtrian cuisine. However, it also includes the all-new inventions and some delicacies borrowed from South India, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The biggest challenge that Mumbai’s lifestyle poses is to manage travel, work and personal routine in one go. That’s because it is not uncommon for a Mumbaikar to kick start the day at 5 A.M and wind it up only by 11 P.M.

So the inexpensive yet tasty Mumbai street food is both a treat and a time saver. Moreover, it is reasonably priced and so it doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Commuting by local trains is a way of life in this bustling city. This is probably the reason for the ‘Khau Gallis’ or food streets to evolve near the various stations.

These are economic places to eat in Mumbai and quite popular among all classes of Mumbaikars. Although you can find street food all over Mumbai, the Khau Gallis are the very nucleus of the Mumbai street food.

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